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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Sir Charles 56 Pts Vs Warriors (CWebb Rookie Year) *94′ Playoffs*

While I was doing some homework, for some reason, I got a flashback of Sir Charles ABUSING one of my favorite player of all time Chris Webber & the Golden State Warriors during game 3 of the 94 playoffs. You see that pic above? Well that’s how many points he scores in the FIRST QUARTER!!!!!! Enjoy this NBA classic game.

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|Video| Scottie Pippen’s Top 10 Dunks Of All Time

Before I clicked play, I KNEW the top 2 dunks of his career. Try to guess them. It’s not that hard if you’re a die hard fan of bball.

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|A Trip Down Memory Lane| 1992 Final Four (National Semis): Michigan vs Cincinnati (Full Game)

I shouldn’t be doing this (because I’m in class right now) but this crossed my mind & I HAD to put it up. I’m a big Fab Five fan but you CANNOT forget who the Bearcats had on their team that year: Corie Blount (remember him?) & Nick “The Quick” Van Exel. Nick was just a remarkable player back in college & I know some of you only had the chance to see him play in the NBA. Here’s your chance to witness some basket

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|A Trip Down Memory Lane| House Of Pain – Who’s The Man

Chilling at the crib, watching some college football & out of the blue I start singing the hook of House Of Pain’s “Who’s the man”! For those of you who remembers this, it was in the Who’s the man soundtrack to the movie. For those of you who knows the group but never heard this song, there you go! A little 90’s music for that ass. Lol!

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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Martin – Jerome’z In The House

One of my favorite Martin episode. Actual, every episode with Jerome “the International player”.

“Jerome’z in the house! I said JEROME’Z IN THE HOUSE! OU! HA! OU! HA! Watch your MOOOOUTH!!!”

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|Video| Lil Wayne Kissing Birdman (Circa 2002 On BET’s Rap City Da Basement)

We all remember the infamous Weezy/Baby kissing picture. Theres the 106 & Park clip too but it was censored. Now the footage from the Rap City show has finally been found. If you haven’t seen it yet…just press play.

Spotted at NahRight

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|A Trip Down Memory Lane| Bell Biv Devoe – She’s Dope

Growing up, I have to say BBD was the MOST played album in the crib when they dropped the “POISON” album. I was & still am I huge fan. That will never ever go away. This was the first song on the album (this version is a remix). So go ahead, wild out for 4:50 & reminisce the good old 90s. *doing the running man Riki style!*

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|Video| A Trip Down Memory Lane: Heavy D – Big Daddy

I remember back in Montreal, we only had one station playing hiphop & rnb from Monday to Friday & that station was K103. It was so hard to get it that station too. Playing with the antenna, putting the radio at a certain place to make it work. LOL! This Heavy D song was on all the time back in 96. The Remix got major spins too. Go ahead and break your neck to this.

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|A Trip Down Memory Lane| Rainmen – Pas D’Chilling

I’m from Montreal and growing there, lots of French rap was on display in the mid 90s. This was one of the 1st video I truly adore from the jump & I stumble on it a few weeks back. I’m pretty sure all my French Canadians can get familiar with this one. Enjoy.

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|Video| A Trip Down Memory Lane: Redman – Can’t Wait

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I’ve been listening to this joint all week long! This that feel good 90s hiphop for your a$$! For all you youngns, Redman was a major playa in the 90s. If you didn’t know, now you know. To all my 80s babies, you already know!

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