#ValentinesDay Words Of Wisdom From @GhostfaceKillah (Throwback Vids)


Wizdom from GFK!

With all the drama that’s been going on in Couples Therapy, something from years ago crossed my mind. We all know how GhostFace Killah has no filter and says what’s on his mind.

Back in 2009, Ghostdini dropped video blogs entitled: Wizdom of the week. In these, he would give HIS own opinion on how to treat ladies, when you know she’s cheating on you, the natural instinct of men and more.

With Valentines day approaching, it’s only right to go back in time and re-visit the Ghostdini blogs. Fellas, takes some notes if you need to. Ladies, don’t be offended, he just keeps it one hundred.

Vlog #1: When you know you got a good woman.

Vlog #2: When you know you have a psychotic chick.

Vlog #3: How to make your girl happy.

Vlog #4: How you know your girl is sneaking around on you.

Vlog #5: How you know you woman is spoiled.

Vlog #6: Woman you DON’T want.

Vlog #7: What do you do when both of your chicks (if you move like that) bump heads?

Vlog #8: What women needs to understand.