Exclusive: @RikiP Interviews @GossipViv About Blogging, #TheGossipGame, Her Issue W/@MsDrama And More


In this exclusive interview on the last show of the Soul Sessions on CKDJ.NET, I go one on one with Vivian Billings aka NYC Gossip Girl. She a hip hop gossip blogger and a reality tv star on the Gossip Game on VH1. She talks about where she’s from, her blogging history, celebrating her wedding anniversary, her cousin Star (from Star and Bucwild) and her beef with fellow gossip blogger, Ms.Drama (at the 7:40 mark).

You can watch her The Gossip Game on VH1 every Mondays ay 9pm EST.

Follow Viv at @GossipViv on twitter.
Visit her website hiphopgossipsite.com

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