The year 2012 was a good one for me. Lots of change (for the better) happened. Went back to school and I’m a few months away from graduating. I learned so much in the radio broadcasting program, it’s unbelievable. I’m so proud of myself. I tighten my relationship with some close friends. I can’t complain. So many things to mention…

…But enough of me though. It’s a new year and all I’m going to wish you is continued success in whatever you’re doing. Never give up even if you’re years away from your GOAL. It’s going to be tough bUT DONT give up. Keep striving for that main goal. You can do it! Stay bless, stay healthy and stay wise.

One love and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Riki P. Aka Facte (My MTL nickname! Lol)

Sidenote: My promise to you is to update the site like I use to in the past!