|News| SLAM 143: Derrick Rose Wants To Be MVP (Mag Cover)

If you think about it, there aren’t many better stories in the NBA than Derrick Rose’s. Kid comes up in Chicago, anointed a future NBA star by the time he’s 15, leads the city’s most-storied high school program to state- and nation-wide acclaim, takes his college team to the national championship game as a freshman, and then gets picked first—by his hometown Bulls—in the Draft. Derrick’s dream has continued right into the L, as he’s put up two great seasons and has set his sights on “best player in the game” status. It’s more than enough to warrant putting this exciting young player on the first SLAM cover he has all to himself.

Ben Osborne

This issue also got an “Old School” segment on one of my favorite player growing up, Mitch Richmond!

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