|Video| NORE Talks On His Summer Banger “Nutcracker”

From the moment I heard the song, I was like:” This here a banger! This here is 90s Hip Hop, get your dance on music.” This is what NORE had to said about “Nutcracker”

“I kind of miss going to the clubs, so I immediately wanted to drop a club banger,” Nore told MTV News of his single “Nut Cracker.” “I didn’t want the summer to leave without me having a club banger. So that’s what I wanted to do.”

“Big-up to my man Scoop DeVille tearing it up, man,” Nore said. “I couldn’t let the summer leave. I needed one of those club bangers. I was a big fan of [Scoop] from the work he’s done with Snoop, [Fat] Joe and now Nore. And hopefully we’ll have a smash as well.”