|News| New SLAM Mag Collector’s Issue: Lebron VS Kobe

Ben Orborne says:

SLAM’s publisher and I—with the backing of the rest of our staff—have been wanting to do an issue like this (flip covers, 100 pages, with each guy getting 50, and a dope pullout poster in the middle to separate them) for a good 18 months now. But it took time to gather up the stories, build up the photo archives, and get Nike on board with some ad support. We finally got all the key commitments around late March and slotted this in to drop during the Conference Finals. Well, here we are. Trust me: if you like one or both of these players, and/or just want a keepsake of NBA basketball in 2010, you need this magazine. Look for it on newsstands everywhere next week.

You know which mag I’m copping!