|Video| Fabolous Previews The Funeral Service: Theres No Competition Pt 2 Mixtape

Fab’s tape is a mixture of original songs and songs done over other MCs beats. Some of the tracks you’ll recognize on the tape are “Say Something,” “Popular Demand,” “Roger That,” “Cigar Music,” and the Swizz Beatz and Shyne collaboration “Shyne.” Here are some of the joints to check for:

“The Wake.” “This intro, I wanted to set the tone. ‘The Wake’ is, of course, before ‘the funeral,’ ” Fab explained. “It starts off a little mellow, then it gets more aggressive and sets the tone for the tape. Probably me going 30, 40 bars. It’s me metaphorically talking about killing the game, the death of the competition. Then at the end, it picks up and gets more aggressive. You gotta hear it, man. The beat is done by this kid named Info. He has a lot of the original beats on the mixtape. He’s a guy who’s been sending me joints for a minute.”

“Suicide 2.” “[I did this one] just because it was one of the classics from There Is No Competition, the first one. Being this one is The Funeral Service, no matter how you die, homicide or suicide, you still need a funeral. We came across the Swizz and Shyne [‘Shyne’] beat. I put Paul Cain and Freck Billionaire on it.”

“I’m Raw.” “This one is just me going ba-noodles for 48 bars,” Loso explained. “Metaphor overload but in different ranges and different topics. It’s definitely gonna be a hot pullback joint. It’s one of those that’s gonna slow you down for a second and make you say ‘what did he just say?’ I don’t mean to toot my horn, but beep, beep, beep.”

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