|News| Gorilla Zoe Speaks Motivation, 28 Mixtapes and BadBoy

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By Kimberly M. Yancee

Without chains, locks, cages and plants in his habitat, every night he is unleashed in the Zoo. The studio is his home. BadBoy/Block ENT rapper, Gorilla Zoe, is currently shooting his music video “Daydreaming” for his upcoming album, King Kong.

He captures the average American dealing with average problems in life and how this person gets himself out of reality and go into a dream world.

He states, “It’s an economical downturn right now and there is a lot of people feeling this way.”

Did Gorilla Zoe step into his own dream world this month?

Some may say he’s doing too much with a goal to complete 28 mixtapes but here’s why he’s challenging himself:

” Motivation comes from inside and the people around you. I have a great team and I put God first. I’ve been primped for this . I have to show and prove that I’m ready. It is about not giving up and finishing what you started, faith , hard-work, overcoming obstacles, showing up everyday and consistency.”

Every mixtape has its own story. Every night he goes in and is satisfied with his content. It is all free-styled.
Lastly I asked, “In the moments of controversy, books being written and rumors about the problems with BadBoy, why did you decide to stay?”

“That’s family and no matter what the situation is with contracts or deals, I’m a man of my word and I’m loyal.“

This year you can expect Gorilla Zoe, to have more live shows and will be using his platform as an artist to encourage youth and give them a positive outlook.