CNN Breaking News: Capone-N-Noreaga War Report 2

By Kimberly Yancey

It is camouflage season and there are two men who are ready for war. Being a Hip-Hop duo, they share the best of both worlds and has recently invited us to the lyrically inferior, “Thug Planet”.

Capone and Noreaga started shooting the video for their unofficial single, “Thug Planet”, this past Saturday. But a week before this call to duty, I caught up with the duo. And here’s what they had to say.

Who is on War Report 2 ?

“We have Busta Rhymes and Raekwon. Busta was on the first War Report and Raekwon, we did a merger with him. His company and our company got together to make this album. Imam T.H.U.G. and Musaliny will be on the album as well. They’re family. It has evolved in so many ways. This experience has been wonderful and we’re just trying to live it out one more time.”

“We been had the idea to do the War Report 2, but it was never really an outlet. It was never someone perfect to throw it out with. We didn’t have access to the original producers. So as time progressed we seemed to reach out to certain people who are fans of the War Report like Busta Rhymes and Fat Joe. We would just play with the idea and everyone would be like “What!? That’s how it became a wonderful project and all the elements came through. We could have created an album and called it War Report 2 but it wouldn’t have been the same. We had to get the original elements: original artists, original producers and some of the people that are just from Queens. Tony Heathcliff, wasn’t on the original album but he sound so good on this album. It is just crazy. It feels like the stars and the planets and the Gods are aligned for us to win.”
CNN is on a mission to restore substance.

“I don’t follow trends anyway; I don’t even follow trends on twitter. The best thing is to let it come from your heart. When it comes from your heart its easier. And a lot times when people do what’s trendy it shows that you’re a follower not that you’re being creative. We’re not followers and never have been followers. We’ re doing music that is going to bring all of our fans back to us that have been there since our album in 97′. Some of those people have jobs: they’re working UPS or Fedex, handling bank loans or they’re lawyers now. We’re going to bring them back. We are doing the exact sound that they loved. And no, its not trendy but we’re going to make it trendy.”

Even-though Noreaga stated he has two favorite tracks, ” I Feel Pain” and “My Atribute”, he said they are subject to change. And that is what happens when you create great music.

“We’re not trying to change hiphop because Hip-Hop is so big. I want to change how people are perceived to do a record. They feel that a hit record is something you can smooth step, snap your fingers, or pop lock and drop it. I respect those records but I want to bring the substance back into it. I want to let people know the lyrical part is back. Along with the beats. Beats are poppin’ but that lyrical part is right there too. And we take pride in that. That’s what we’re set out to do. I’m not trying to change the whole world of Hip-Hop because its too big. If we can change our aspect and our fans who were with us from the beginning, we want them to look at us and say “They’re bringing it back to the way its supposed to be”, then we’re looking good.”

The album’s release date is June 15, 2010. CNN will be touring with Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Raekwon.