A Message To All The Followers Of The Blog

What’s goodios my people. Riki aka Whatever You Wanna Call Me all up in your area. As you can see, the blog is totallly different now. Some of you know the story behind the change, some of you don’t know a damn thing. I’ll try to keep it nice & short.

The other blog, which was powered by BLOGGER, decided to go on a rampage yesterday & delete some of the best hip hop blogs online. You ask yourself: why?  Simple. If your blog is powered by a free hosting company, you must respect their terms & violations. Unfortunately for me, theses terms were not respected. Despite receiving emails from them, saying to remove the “unalloyed” posts,  which I did remove & never added back to the blog, they just decided to shoot me in the heart. Without giving me a “REAL” warning.

I lost everything. Started the blog August 2008 & I lost EVERYTHING. Yes I was mad for a while but this (My NEW home) is something I ALWAYS wanted to do. Guess it was MEANT to be. No more “blogspot”!!! Bought a domain name, I got my webmaster, Steven Leconte working on the NEW & REVAMP blog (also the one responsible for this “TEMPORARY” look).  New name…new look…new ATTITUDE! Like Hov & Swizzy said “ON TO THE NEXT ONE!”

Expect a lots more content, exclusives, interviews and a whole lots more. I’m turning things around. So go tell a friend to tell a friend: RIKI’S BLOG IS BACK!!!

WYWCM DOT COM Easy to remember right? Don’t forget it! wywcm.blogspot.com WYWCM.COM

A NEW beginning starts NOW

Riki aka Whatever You Wanna Call Me